Inkwood Publishing needed a new logo. They also wanted the cover design for two books and they needed a ‘book trailer‘ conceptualized, story-boarded and art-directed. Some portrait photography of Jodi were taken to to wrap up a super fun project.

For the logo, Justin kept it simple and monochromatic, but a little playful. After all, books are meant to be entertaining right? The two O’s in the word ‘Inkwood’ were transformed into some Harry Potteresque type glasses. Yay for nerdy bookworms. We all have one deep inside. Some are just a little closer to the surface.

The book covers were for two of Jodi McIsaacs books. The first, “Through the Door” and the second “Beyond the Pale”, were both part of “The Thin Veil Series”.

Dangerous magic, otherworldly adventure, and the unbreakable bond between mother and daughter fuse with ancient mythology in Jodi McIsaac’s bestselling series. Shrouded in the timeless allure of Celtic lore, the sweeping story of modern-day heroine Cedar McLeod’s journey into an enchanted realm has held readers spellbound since the 2013 debut of Through the Door.

When Jodi’s books were picked up by Amazon publishing, the “Through the Door” cover art was changed as per Amazon’s publishing restrictions which state cover art must be designed in-house.



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