UbuntuSAN is a global organization who’s primary objective is to address sanitation and environmental impacts on impoverished communities. This is achieved in a a variety of ways. Their big picture solution centres around a community hub in these outlying communities. The hub serves as a medical and education centre as well as providing smart technology and sanitation solutions. UbuntuSAN also designs and produces a variety of products to bring life-changing changes to the local inhabitants.

Firestain was commissioned to develop a logo that told their story. The resulting logo and collateral materials made use of teals, greens and blues to reflect the focus on water and environmental concerns. The shape of the mark is drawing on the shape of a water droplet while also showing a mother and child, who are the primary people benefitting from some of the UbuntuSAN technology. The overall look is clean and elegant and brings a sophisticated look to an aid organization doing ground-breaking work in Africa.

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